Classes & Activities

Customers practice Japanese traditional recipes that they can also make at home.

The experience of making and eating vegetarian cooking introduces you to the heart, spirit and traditions of Japan.


  • Enrollment Fee

    10,000 yen

    Teran special high quality soup stock (dashi) set as a present for everyone who joins!

    • No enrollment fee is required for trial lessons only.
    • The enrollment fee is valid for life.
      If you take a break for a while, you don't have to pay it again.
  • Payment Method

    Please use the payment system on the booking site for the classes below.

    Online Shojin Cooking Class with Zoom One Day Lesson Private Shojin-ryori (Vegetarian cooking) class

    • If you wish to continue taking classes at Teran, an enrollment fee is required. Please check the option "Enrollment Fee" and pay it when you register for the second time.
  • Notes

    If you have any allergies or ingredients you cannot use, please let us know the details in advance.
  • Cancellation Policy

    Please contact us at least one week in advance for cancellation.

    If you contact us less than 1 week, please pay the following cancellation fee. And the remaining amount is returned through the reservation site as soon as possible.

    • In the case of contact up to 7-4 days in advance: 30% of the tuition fee
    • In the case of contact 3 days in advance: 50% of the tuition fee
    • In the case of contact 2 days in advance: 80% of the course fee
    • In the case of contact on the previous day: 100% of the course fee
    • This does not apply if you are considering cancellation due to unavoidable circumstances such as an infectious disease or sudden illness. In that case, please note that if you cancel the class through the reservation site, the cancellation fee above will be automatically incurred.
      Please contact us directly with our contact form.
  • Rescheduling

    If you want to change the date of the class because of the unavoidable reasons, please contact us at least one week in advance and we can reschedule.

    • If that case, please contact us directly by our contact form, not through the reservation site.