Akasaka Teran - Temple Cuisine Shool in Tokyo-

  • Address:

    1-11-4 Akasaka, Minato-ku,
    Tokyo 107-0052, Japan

  • Tel:

  • Subway

    • Namboku line (Roppongi-itchome Station, Exit 3)
    • Namboku and Ginza line (Tameike-sanno Station, Exit 13)
    • Hibiya line (Kamiyacho Station, Exit 4)




Access to Teran from Tameike-sanno Station, Exit 13
  • 1

    Take exit 13 at Tameike Sanno Station. You can see Doutor Coffee on your left.
    (It takes about five minutes to get to Exit13 from the ticket gate.)

  • 2

    Turn a left at the corner of Doutor Coffee to Sakura-Zaka Street. At the end of it, make a right.

  • 3

    Make a left at the corner of the condominum building on your left.

  • 4

    There is a steep hill. Go up it.

  • 5

    You will see a big temple called Yosen-ji on your left.

  • 6

    After Yosen temple, make left on to a small road . At the corner you will see the sign「常國寺・寺庵」. On your right there is the white wall of Embassy of the United States.

  • 7

    After 50 meter walk you will get to Jokoku Temple, Teran.

  • 8

    Please push the intercom button on the house.
    Thank you.