Private Shojin-ryori (Vegetarian cooking) class

Private Shojin-ryori  (Vegetarian cooking)  class
You can join by yourself or join with your family and friends. Also you can join the class from any place such as foreign countries or a place close to Akasaka Teran. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have something you want to learn to cook.


You can learn well at your own pace.

  • when you want to cook at your own pace without worrying about the surroundings
  • when you cannot take classes regularly due to your work
  • when you want to learn only with your friends
  • when you want to consent on learning in a short period of time


  • Capacity

    up to 4 people

  • Number of lessons

    1 time

  • Fee

    Please ask with our contact form.

  • Enrollment Fee

    Please pay it if you wish to continue taking cooking classes at Teran.

    Please check the option "Enrollment Fee" and pay it when you register for the first or second time. If you have not paid the fee at the time of the first application, please make sure to check the option at the second time.

  • Payment Method

    Please use the payment system on the booking site.

  • Date / Time

    Contact us

  • Reservation

    Please make a reservation by the booking site .