Akasaka Teran Temple Cuisine School in Tokyo

Teran, a Shojin Ryori (vegetarian cooking) school, is located within Jokokuji—350 years old temple in Tokyo, Japan.

Shojin Ryori came to Japan from China as Buddhist monk's food.

Fish, eggs and meat are not used but dairy products, fruits, vegetables, seaweed, and soybeans are used.


(Vegetarian cooking) Classes

Customers practice Japanese traditional recipes that they can also make at home.

Incorporating vegetarian cooking during regular meals makes vegetarian cooking more familiar to us.

In addition, the experience of making and eating vegetarian cooking introduces you to the heart, spirit and traditions of Japan.




Asao Masami浅尾 昌美

Head of Akasaka Teran

講師 浅尾 昌美

Masami Asao is a monk, a temple chef, and a registered dietitian. She is the principal of Akasaka Teran, a plant-based cooking school located within Jokokuji, three-hundred-fifty years old temple in Tokyo, Japan.

She is active in temple operations as well as in her work as a registered dietitian.


  • Address:

    1-11-4 Akasaka, Minato-ku,
    Tokyo 107-0052, Japan

  • Tel:

  • Subway

    • Namboku line (Roppongi-itchome Station, Exit 3)
    • Namboku and Ginza line (Tameike-sanno Station, Exit 13)
    • Hibiya line (Kamiyacho Station, Exit 4)