Akasaka Teran

Teran, a vegetarian cooking school, is located within Jokokuji Temple.

Shojin-ryori (Vegetarian cooking)

Shojin-ryori imageTeran, a vegetarian cooking school, is located within Jokokuji Temple.

The temple has a 350-year history.
Customers practice Japanese raditional recipes that they can also make at home.

means Jokokuji Temple (name changed from Teikyo An Temple).
means a small house used for Teikyo An Temple about 350 years ago.

Shojin Ryori came to Japan from China as Buddhist monk's food.
Fish, eggs and meat are not used but dairy products, fruits, vegetables, seaweed, and soybeans are used.

Incorporating vegetarian cooking during regular meals makes vegetarian cooking more familiar to us. In addition, the experience of making and eating vegetarian cooking introduces you to the heart, spirit and traditions of Japan.

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Profile of Masami Asao

Masami AsaoHead of Akasaka Teran (National Registered Dietitian).
Graduate of the Department of Food Science, Sagami Women's University.
Assistant temple helper of Jokokuji Buddhist Temple.
She is active both in temple operations and as a National Registered Dietitian.

Tokyo Dietetic Association Area Activities Committee
Tokyo Dietary Education Promotion Network

TERAN 寺庵 Masami Asao
Teran Asao Masami

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About Our Class

Shojin-ryoriIn this class, you learn how to cook two dishes.
When you eat I will add three small dishes, miso soup and rice.

◇Menu: Vegetarian cooking (we will use seasonal ingredients)
◇Time: 10:30am - 2:00 pm (cooking and eating)
◇Max: 2 people
◇Lesson Fee: 10,000 Yen/each person (all included)

→ Please mail for reservation
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*Please make a reservation one week in advance.
*Please resister in advance three days before the class.
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